Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical malpractice (negligence) refers to mistakes made by health care providers whose performance of duties deviate from the standard of practice within the medical community, causing harm to a patient or patients. In general, there are three criteria which need to be met for a legitimate medical malpractice claim:

1) The health care provider failed his or her duty toward the patient and provided negligent care.
2) The patient suffered recognizable harm or loss from this care.  
3) The damages are a result of the doctor's mistake or misjudgment. 

The Zebas Law Firm is experienced in handling a wide variety of malpractice cases, and will make sure you get the compensation you and your family need.

Hold Negligent Medical Staff Accountable

Malpractice can have serious consequences, including death. You need to hold the health care provider responsible for his or her negligence and get the compensation you deserve. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

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