Civil Rights

Civil Rights Attorney

Zebas Law Firm takes pride in being able to represent clients in a variety of civil rights cases. When you have been denied your civil liberties and rights, it’s important to seek legal assistance from an experienced firm. Our attorneys can meet with you to determine whether you have a case. We work on all types of civil rights cases, including cases that involve police brutality, wrongful arrests, wrongful death in the jailhouse, and misclassification of inmates while incarcerated. These types of cases can be sensitive. We work hard to fight for you rights.

Defending Your Rights, One Case at a Time

With our legal knowledge and experience in courtrooms and litigation, we know we can appropriately defend your rights and represent you during your civil rights case. Whether you were a victim of police brutality or you’ve experienced a wrongful arrest that affected your life, let our attorney review the details of your case, so that we can begin helping you.

Call us today to schedule your initial consultation to discuss the details of your civil rights case.

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